Layout of invoices

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Layout of invoices

When we setup Myob initally we had invoices set up to add and "item" ie sticjk item when i dont sell any particular items..  then after that withadives from my accountant we removed the items sell the services rather then items... That was easy on the PC yet i have not been to do the same changes with the APP making it useless and would mess the system using an item instead of the service provided..  how do i cange this on the app... considering how it is i can not invoice off the app only pc now also makes the portable PAy As you go EFT machine rendered useless as i can now make invoices on the go,,,   

Mr Guru PLease advise on what to od....

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Re: Questions

Hi @KLS_green


When recording sales using MYOB OnTheGo it will use the default layout set on the contact/customer's card. This can be seen for a contact via the app by selecting the contact, Edit or + option and at the bottom of the window i.e.



This value can also be seen and set from within the AccountRight software by selecting the card in the Card File and navigating to the Selling Details tab option.


If the Easy Setup Assistant/card values were initially set up as Item and you now use a Service based layout these would need to be changed manually on a per card basis (either via the app or from within the company file) or in bulk (Help Article: update customer or supplier cards would be able to assist with that).


Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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