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3 years ago

Attached documents

I've just started using Business Pro and would like to attach documents such as invoices and not retain copies elsewhere offline. If I cancel my subscription will I be able to retrieve these document...
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    3 years ago

    Hi Suso1961 


    I don't recommend using In Tray or attachments for record keeping purposes. I have seen a user who had 15k attachments online (using AccountRight not Business Pro) - the attachments are stored elsewhere on MYOB's severs, not in your file. And there is no simple way to retrieve. You need to open each attachment one at a time and save it to your own computer if you ever end your subscription, or even if you start a new file.


    And if you do get audited by the ATO, they won't log in and retrieve the documents for you, you will need to do that yourself. Best to keep your own copy on your own computer.