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Bank Reconciliation Reports

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Bank Reconciliation Reports

I have been viewing other community discussions - unfortunately I can't find out how to contribute to "Solved" issues which would provide a line of logic, rather than me re-explaining myself...   as follows...


I have recently upgraded from an old veryseion of MYOB Account Right - but find this new system very klunky to use by comparison - and it seems to take ages (& my file is on my PC and not in "the cloud"), for the software to process & refresh pages, for edits  - very disappointing.



Bank Reconciliations - reconciling when I only have the "Memo" description to go on rather than the "Payee name" is very difficult & painful.   NOW - before you scoff at my seeming ignorance - I have gone through Setup > Preferences > Banking, and the "Display Payee Rather Than Memo, in Registers"  box,  IS ticked


Why won't the reconciliation list automatically refresh when we make edits from the Reconciliation Screen?  I have come accross this a few times - also in "Recurring Transactions" - not showing as 'processed' when I have just processed them.  It used to be instantaneous - BOOM the adjustment was there for all to see, and extremely useful

Now it seems you have to 'right click' and refresh eerytime you adjust something - such a manual strep seems to make no logical sense at all


So many of the simple things that were so useful have been 'improved' out of the system!  Ugh!



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Re: Bank Reconciliation Reports

Hi there @Glorfindal,


Firstly, while it's great to see that you have made the jump across to the new AccountRight platform, we are sorry to see that it has - so far- not lived up to your expectations.


We have noted that clients, especially those that have previously been on the older platform, have commented on speed and performance issues in the new software. This is understandable, as when compared to it's classic AccountRight counterpart, would be considered much slower. Please be aware, however, that speed and performance are two areas that developers are continuously seeking to improve in updates, and the performance of the new platform will hopefully get to a stage soon where it can be comparable to that of AccountRight v19.


To address your specific bank reconcilliation issue, the 'memo' appearing instead of the 'payee name' is a known issue within the software that we are aware of, and are seeking to address. As you have noted, ticking the option to 'Display Payee Rather Than Memo, in Registers' in your system preferences does not resolve this problem (you most certainly are not ignorant, but rather, in fact, have clearly done your research)!


With your last bit of feedback, while this is certainly not the best workaround, the shortcut to refreshing the window automatically is to hit the 'F5' button. Again, we do agree that it is somewhat tedious that changes are not reflected automatically and do require refreshing at times, and I will share your feedback with the rest of the team.


Please don't hesitate to post should you have any other queries, or require further assistance.

Warm Regards,


MYOB Client Support

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