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Bank feeds - no matching transactions

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Bank feeds - no matching transactions

I have a few questions.

1- In bank feeds, the bank statement only shows the latest few transactions so is there a way to search previous statements?

2-Also when in bank feeds it doesnt show any matching transactions under the your transactions column even when searching for a matching transaction it shows nothing. I have to actually go into the new menu to add a payment to invoice.


I've only just updated from the old Business Basics so I'm not sure if something hasnt quite worked in the file transfer or I'm doing something wrong.

Please help.



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Re: Bank feeds - no matching transactions

Hi @ShaunSmith14


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of useful information.


A Bank Feed will only bring through information from when the bank starts loading it. There isn’t any backdating, nor is there currently any way through Bank Feeds to view previous statements. If you wanted to import in previous bank statements from before your Bank Feeds started coming through, then you would have to use the Get Statement button, inside your Reconcile Accounts window.


When a bank feed comes into AccountRight it scans your file looking for a transaction that matches all of the following:


  • The transaction appears in the allocated account inside AccountRight.
  • The date of the transaction matches
  • The amount matches to the cent.
  • The transaction is the correct type, such as a withdrawal.  


If the system can’t match based on all four criteria, then it won’t display a match and instead show the Find and New buttons. You could use the find button if you had entered the transaction in but perhaps the date differed or the amount, such as if you record money being received by cheque on Friday but the bank doesn’t clear it until Tuesday.


If the transaction doesn’t exist at all inside AccountRight, then you will have to enter the transaction for Bank Feeds to match to it. This can be done by clicking on the New button and choosing the correct option, such as Receive Payment for a customer payment. Using the New button will also ensure the transaction gets matched to the Bank Feed when it gets recorded.


If you have a regular transaction, for example petrol, rent, or electricity, you can also setup a rule to reduce data entry. A rule is a very simple instruction based around a key word or phrase that tells AccountRight to create and match a transaction without the need for you to enter the transaction. So you might create a rule that kicks in every time the word Rent appears on the Bank Feed to create a spend money transaction that allocates the transaction to your Rent expense account, without the need to have the transaction in the system already.


Please let us know how you get on, and do feel free to post any other questions you have


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