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making ajustments when the bank account has been reconcile

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making ajustments when the bank account has been reconcile

Hi  I am doing the books for a small charity.  The external accountant has asked me to adjust the term deposit by going into spend money and using a date eg 2/2/2014  which has already been reconciled eg 31/3/2014


If I do that will it throw out my bank reconciliation.  I have reconcile up to 31/3/2015


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Re: making ajustments when the bank account has been reconcile

Hi @berenice

Normally to reconcile an account the calculated balance would need to match the closing balance (which comes from the bank statement). The calculated balance is made up of the previously reconciled transactions and transactions you are currently reconciling. So I would be asking myself how was that account reconciled to begin with? If no transaction was entered the calculated balance would be missing that transactional amount and not balance therefore the account would not be able to be reconciled.

As you have reconciled the account I would assume you have entered a transaction that has impacted on the balance of that account so it has allowed you to reconcile the account. Personally I would be looking into the transactions for that account (via the Banking>>Bank register window) to see what transaction has been entered for that account to be reconciled in the first place.

Once that transaction has been found you can look at  unreconciling the account, deleting the unwanted transaction via the Edit>>Delete Transaction option. When that transaction has been deleted you would reneter the correct transaction and then re-reconcile the account.

For more information into undoing a bank reconciling please see Help Article: Reconciliation Problems

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