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Had issues with the Administrator password today. Basically I need to roll back MYOB to fix up some minor mistakes.


Go and do File Restore, all good, but them wants you to log on as Administrator, and for the life of me I couldn't remember what password I had set back when we first got MYOB.


Search the forum and find the below.

"We do offer a paid service to reset the Administrator password, information on this service can be viewed on this page, under the 'Password Recovery' tab: MYOB data file repair services. To request this service, please contact our support team via 1300 555 123 during business hours AEDT."


Ok, no worries, called and waited....and waited as per the norm for MYOB these days.


Eventually...........(its a condensed version)

I have forgotten the administrator password and would like to reset it

You don’t remember the password?

No, that’s why I am talking to you

Ok, have you tried it leaving the field blank?


Ok, try change the password

How does that help, it wants to know my original password

You don't remember the password?

Hmmm no, that’s why I am talking to you

Ok, you don’t save passwords to computer?

No, I don’t save any passwords to the computer

Ok, and you don’t remember the password

Correct, that’s why I am talking to you

Ok, hang on I will find out……………..

-------------a simple search of the forum say you need to log a request with MYOB to do this, so not sure why they struggle with this simple request--------------

10 minutes on hold……………

After playing around with a multitude of pre-used passwords finally stumbled on to it, and hung up


So given the support pages spells it out plain and simple why doesn't your team know something this basic?

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Accepted Solution Solved

Re: Complaint



Sorry to hear that you have had that experience.

Typically, we do recommend that clients that are unable to log in do try the default username and password first i.e. Administrator and no password. If that doesn't allow access and the password is not able to be guessed or remembered then a password reset would be required. 

If you are needing that password reset we are happy to arrange for that process to be started for you through this channel. We just need to know what service you are after i.e. Premium or Standard and whether it's just the one file or multiple files.


Do note that if the company file is a file located in the cloud with AccountRight 2019 then it would be a different process. This is referring to the file located in the cloud, if the file is a backup or copy of that online file then it would be treated as a local file for password rest.

Kind regards,

MYOB Community Support

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Re: Complaint

Hi Steve,


Very quick reply, and too the point......something that was clearly lacking with the support person who clearly had no idea at all, and to keep asking if I knew my password.


The issues wasn't the backed up file, that is a password you set when creating the backup. The issues is after you do the first part of the restore it then takes you to a login screen as Administrator, it is that password I couldn't remember.


But as mentioned I finally did stumble across it and now not an issue, but thank you for the quick and informed response.

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Re: Complaint



I think its because they are just hiring people off the street to answer the phone and make you think you are getting some service, but in reality these poor people have no idea. then thye can get you to spell out the issue, put you on hold and then tell you it's a 1 hour wait for a technician, 2 hours if you need payroll help. 


But technically someone has answered the phone.  Grrrrr

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