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How do I stop AccountRight Announcements (marketing SPAM)?

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How do I stop AccountRight Announcements (marketing SPAM)?

How do I stop the AccountRight Announcements (marketing) popups appearing every time I logon?


Yes, I select "Was this information helpful?  NO"

and MYOB directs me to a website where I can enter why the information was useless and it does not register the feedback (screen just does a timeout/spinning wheel beside "Submit my feedback") and the feedback is not sent.




Yes, I select "Got it, don't show me again" every time,

yet I receive the marketing SPAM (e.g. webinarpromonov2021 ) popups every logon again and again and again. It is so frustrating that I am considering changing to an alternative accounting package.


I am not interested in any of this MYOB marketing information (e.g. webinarpromonov2021 ) and it is such a time-waster. Is there an option in the software not to receive marketing promotions for every logon unless you are an interested user?? I just want to open the software and start working. I only want Announcements to be actual ANNOUNCEMENTS - i.e. related to the technical functioning of the software such as upgrades and/or outages and not marketing promotions.


Most professional software provides options with regards to not receiving marketing promotional spam like this.


MYOB AccountRight - Annoying PopUps.png

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Re: How do I stop AccountRight Announcements (marketing SPAM)?

I'm also having this issue with the browser webinars announcement, which doesn't rexpect my "Got it, don't tell me again" check and keeps appearing every time I start up. It then can't be reported because the feedback screen just says "Something went wrong" and won't accept the feedback I'm trying to provide (NOT INTERESTED).

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