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Job Budget Reports

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Job Budget Reports

Hi Everyone

I am having a HUGE problem here and have no idea how to get around this.


I use job codes (about 20 in total) when I do the budgets (I use job budgets) I consolidate everything but the budget is just too many pages for our board to read - they wanted something much more simple which I totally understand.


I have tried changing the levels but level one is not enough information and even level 2 is too much information.


so what I am really after is a budget report of my header chart of accounts (if that makes sense) so I would like the budget to report on Labour expenses (rather than wages, wage subsidy and super) and Retail income (rather than shop 1 income, shop 2 income) and so on.... I hope this makes sense.


I really just want the header chart of accounts rather than all the accounts under the header - does anyone at all know how to do this??? Please help me


thanks in advance

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Re: Job Budget Reports



Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find plenty of useful information.


With Reporting Levels you set these when you create your Chart of Accounts.

Level 1 is always just the Main sections of the Chart of Accounts; Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Cost Of Goods, Sales, Other Income and Other Expenses.

Level 2 is all the accounts that sit one level down from the Main section headers. These can be either Header or Detail accounts.

Level 3 is the next level down and again can be either Header or Detail accounts and finally level 4 will only be Detail accounts.

If you are looking for a Report on just your Header accounts you need to go through your Chart of Accounts and make sure that all Header accounts you want to report on are level 2 and no Detail accounts are level 2.

Once you have dpne this you will be able to get the report you want.


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