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Reopening post: Issues Printing to PDF since Windows 10 upgrade

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Reopening post: Issues Printing to PDF since Windows 10 upgrade

Reopening an old thread  from 2015/2016 (


Has this been resolved?


We never migrated to the cloud version and are still using v19.15 because of this issue.


We've been testing with the "Save to Disk" method, instead of printing to PDF, but there are many issues.


Comment in the previous post was updated by a moderator to say: "However due to the fact that the document is printing (be it to a PDF printer) and AccountRight is producing a high quantity format through the official Send to Disk option it may receive a low priority."


I completely disagree that AccountRight is producing high quality format!


1. Fonts are not coming across. We have a number of different Helvetica-based fonts. Saving to disk, these ALL come across as Arial.


After saving to PDF, looking at the properties of the PDF file, it has embedded standard Helvetica, but using Arial. But printing to PDF actually embeds the real fonts, and the template is accurate.


2. Borders and lines print very thick. In the template if the line size is set to 1, it prints fine to a PDF tool (eg. Acrobat, Microsoft Print to PDF, PDF Creator, etc). But saving to disk they come out like thickness 2 or 3.


Can this be looked at? I'm loathed to log a support call with MYOB, as that got me nowhere last time.


This is a showstopper for us.

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Re: Reopening post: Issues Printing to PDF since Windows 10 upgrade

I noticed you also found this thread:


considering the age, this has not been changed since the old post you linked.


it also looks like any product enhancements are made exclusively to the 20xx.x range so you might eventually find this to be fixed in a later release of that series.


but before upgrading, do take into account that it is a slower release of the software and doesn't like big files. there was recently another thread that talked about it which I suggest reading before continuing:

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