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User can no longer access AccountRight files

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User can no longer access AccountRight files

Hello  brains trust.

I have a very tricky problem that I cannot solve.

On Monday, my boss made two users of our AR files inactive.

One of the users was using an email address that was a generic in house email address. 

When this user was made inactive, it cancelled the file access for the other person that was using the same email address (we will call him  "L" for the purposes of my post).

L was able to access all files until Monday.

On Monday he received an email saying that his access had been cancelled but it had the name of the inactive user in it.

I have tried eveything to get his access back, even trying to set him up with a new user name and using his personal email address but I cannot get access back for him.

Originally we changed the email address in the inactive user's profile to her personal email address to see if that would fix the problem but it didn't.

I then went into "L"s profile and I can see there is a password in there and I have tried to change that to the password that he was using to log in with but it won't change.

In desperation, I then made him inactive, set up a new profile for him with his personal email address and sent him an invite.

He still cannot access MYOB as there was no password on the email invite.  It simply said that I had invited him to use the files but he can't log in because he doesn't know what the password is.

The system seems to have generated a password that I can't see and can't change and the email says to contact me to get the password.

I am not the owner of the files that we are using but I am an administrator for them so I'm not sure if that is part of the issue or not.

Any suggestions please?

We need to get him back on line ASAP.




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Re: User can no longer access AccountRight files

Hi @RhondaMP 


Thanks for your post. Have you tried logging in with Administrator and the password blank? If that doesn't work, I am happy to have a look at this for you. Could you please send me your serial number and the email address via a private message?


Resolved via private message - user needed to be invited to other files ~ YS

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