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Bank Feeds: Rules - Ability to set up based on amount

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At present we have two transactions per month with the same description - loan debits but for different amounts and different loans.  This description is preset and cannot be altered by the bank.  If the bank feed rule allowed us to allocate a $ amount as well as the description to the rule then the rule would work correctly.  AT present MYOB cant identify which rule to apply as it only works off the description which is the same for both rules.


Unless there are alternatives which could work around this issue?


"More advanced options for bank feed rules"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2014

Thank you for your suggestion to make the Bank Feeds more easily usable, we're always looking to make this area even better. Please remember vote if you like the idea and want to see it implemented.

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Hi snuersname

Currently we don't have a time frame for when this idea will be included in the program.

The normal process for an Idea posted on Ideas Exchange would go through a few stages. We would mark the post as "Under Consideration" and encourage users to vote and comment for this idea. If the idea does generate a number of votes and comments we mark it has high demand meaning we will investigate and attempt to implement that idea ahead of other ideas with lesser demand.

As of 12/05/2015 the idea exchange have had 65 ideas implemented from it and some of the ideas have been marked as Planned. 

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Ok. So we have clarified there is no timeframe.


In that case could you let us know what is planned for 2015.3 and 2015.4?


Between my MYOB and MYOB BankLink subscriptions/fees this is $3k/year about to walk out the door (1st July onwards).



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Hi @gindi


Thank you for your feedback and enquiry. At this stage AccountRight 2015.3 is planned as the compliance release. Updated tax tables for the 2015- 2016 payroll year will be added. There could possibly also be fixes to some known issues.

Unfortunately at this stage we do not have specific details of what will be included in AccountRight 2015.4 release. The primary aim of the release will be further workflow improvements, and resolving some known issues within the program.


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MYOB - I believe this is a duplicate idea - pls combine.  I have voted at any rate, because I think it is very important to have updated in the software.  There would be so much more efficiency from bank feeds if the parametres could be more flexible.

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Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea and voting for it.

As to it being a duplicate idea where you thinking it was the same as Bank Feeds- Rules or was it a different idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange you were thinking about?

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I have a number of hire purchase payments with Westpac. I'm trying to set up bank rules for these transations but all repayments come through with the same narration but different amounts.


Would be great if bank rules could differentiate transaction narrations with different amounts just like Banklink. Banklink does it way better.

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I like this suggestion. I didn't get to use banklink. But I agree with the suggestion

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Hi have been telling everyone I can get in front of at MYOB this for years now. They have fixed Essential, but not AccountRight. Not a hard thing to fix, but MYOB will continue to do the big bang things, not pay attention to the things we use everyday.

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This is a really necessary feature.  So much data comes in with the same narration and having "amount" parameters to distibguish them is imperative.  Banlink have been doing this for 20 years - come on guys!

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MYOB accountright is the only software out of the competitors that does not have the amount as part of the criteria.  Essentials does but not the big brother.  This has been a real pain with clients.