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Display: Increase font size

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might be ok for younger eye's, spare a thought for the older generation.

Why the hell has the ability to change fonts gone & window sizes. Now the only way to make this stupid program readable is to redoo the screen resolution,


Even MS excel has the ability to zoom, might be time to dump MYOB me thinks!!

"small fonts & window sizing"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2012

Reading the thread I think what this idea is about is making MYOB DPI aware so that the default fonts are readable. Is that right? Could you all please vote on this feature so we can rate it's importance relative to others in the list?

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I thought this issue would have been a relatively simple thing to fix and include in an update.


Very frustrating and with the upgrade to windows 10, the fonts seem to be even smaller.

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Just upgraded from V19 to 2015 on a new Win 8.1 laptop.

Got font sizes all sorted.  150% works best for me.


Had to reduce windows font size 150% to 125% to make it fit.

Now I cant read anything on my computer without eyestrain.


This is not acceptable, and now looking at how long this has been an issue, it should have been fixed 2 years ago.

If I had known of these issues, I would not have purchased this product.


Can MYOB please advise when this will be fixed.

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HI @Virgil


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and this idea.

Currently the idea has been marked as Under Consideration. The team are investigating the options in regards to getting this idea included in the program. At this stage we don't have a time frame for when this will be included in development. However we do still encourage users to comment and vote for this particular idea.

Along with posting on the AccountRight Idea Exchange I see you have raised your points elsewhere on the MYOB Community Forum. These posts have been responded to do let us know if you would further assistance via these posts.

Speed post & Font post

Once again thank you for your feedback in regards to this particular idea. I have shared it with the team.

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Hi @Denise_Cimarosti


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea, I've shared it with the team.

While AccountRight 2015.3 is supported with Windows 10, we have noticed that some clients are finding the display smaller. This is something that we are investigating as part of this idea.

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Hi @DavidMcIntyre


Thank you for your feedback in regards to that this particular idea.

As mentioned above currently this idea has been placed in Under Consideration while the team look into ways in which the display can be changed for AccountRight. At this time we don't have have a time frame for when this idea will be implemented. However we are still encouraging clients to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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Dear MYOB Developers,


Have just upgraded from Account Right Premier V 19.11 to Accountright 2015.3 - some of the features have actually been DOWNGRADED !!


Why can't the fonts be customised????? They are tooo small .... there are also other features that have been dropped such as having to tick " show closed invoices" everytime. In the old system this only had to be done the one time and they would always show them.


The fonts are too small especially with the colour scheme - eg Bank Reconcilliation comes up purple and mauve which is hard on the eyes, please, please bring back the grey toned  colour schemes used in the Account Right Premier V 19.11 before we all go blind.


I know that there are many users who are of the same opinion and I think this may be another reason why they may consider moving to one of your competitors.


Please consider those users that do not have 20- 20 vision and keep me updated as to the progress of these changes, with the customisation of the fonts being the most vital.


Thank you



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Hi how do I vote on an idea when I click on the vote button nothimg happens?

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Hi @FB


To vote for an idea you select the + VOTE button to the left of the idea's name. The button will change to show that you have voted.

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I've checked and you have voted for each of the above ideas.

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Yes I too have issue with font size.  Can only run on 100 or 125% on my new computer.  This is a major issue as it means the whole computer is in small fonts, unless you are able to adjust, and that is only a few programs on a permanent issue.  Please find a solution to this soon as may mean moving to another accounting package as too hard on eyes.

Have voted.

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"In consideration" is not good enough.

This is a major issue.  I cannot believe that this version of MYOB was created to work within Win 8.1 with these issues.  It is a large backwards step.

I have good vision, but after a hard 12h day, trying to use MYOB to do invoicing etc is just painful.

Even with font reduced as above, there are still issues.  EG the PO field doesn't always show all characters when you input.  Left ones are hidden sometimes.

Have to double check by going out to the main screen.


In addition when greating a PDF invoice, what a pain.  Make it the same as the old versions.


Also everything else in my computer is in small font.  I DONT WANT THAT.  I use the larger fon't for good reason.  Now my whole computer is a pain to use.  Thanks a lot MYOB.


MYOB.  If these issues are not fixed pretty promptly, I too will be leaving at financial year end.

I think that it;'s quite funny that today I received my letter from the big boss telling me how great MYOB is.  Has he actually used it???