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Receive Payments: Search for Invoice Number




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Hi, I dont know about anyone else, but I find that more and more payments are being made by EFT and identified by the invoice number. It would be a real time saver if we could have a choice of entering an invoice number or customer name when receipting invoices. Currently you need to leave the window and go to find transactions to identify the customer by searching via the invoice number.



Eileen F

Adelaide SA


"Identify Invoice # within Receive Payment"



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2017

Hi Everyone


I'm excited to announce that with the release of AccountRight 2017.2 the option of Advanced Search has been added to the Customer List in Recieve Payments. This will allow the user to search for the invoice number, customer or total of the invoice to make payment on it.  




You can find out more information about this and other changes, including information on obtaining AccountRight 2017.2 from AccountRight 2017.2 now available.

MYOB Product Manager Dan_Moulton
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MYOB Product Manager
Hi Eileen, thanks for the feedback. We are currently working on some exciting bank feed functionality which could be applicable to this scenario. If I understand correctly, your customers are entering the invoice number as a reference when making their payments via electronic banking? What if we could automatically match those payments to invoices based off the invoice number - would that solve the issue? Do customers use other means of identifying their payments e.g. Customer ID number? I'd love to hear more about this idea from anyone.
Experienced Cover User lyndor
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yes yes yes! constantly having to close out of receive payments to go to find transactions (wait, wait) then type in invoice number (wait again) to see who the payment belongs to.  Unfortunately having a lot of small business run by men sending remittances is not high on their list of priorities

MYOB Product Manager Dan_Moulton
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MYOB Product Manager

If someone doesn't enter the invoice number as a reference, how do you usually figure out what the deposit was for? Can you tell by the other information on the description in online banking?

Experienced Cover User Albare
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A couples of scenarios in our case.


If a company is paying several invoices in a single end of month payment they usually email/fax a remittance advice.  It can be just a brief form with the total amount remitted and no other details.


Some send a remittance advice with full itemisation of their payement.


The smaller clients usually make a remittance with no formal seperate notification and so our bank's online statement might show the clients business name in the details of the payment, which if you're lucky is the same as the business name listed in our MYOB card file/invoice.


We try and ask our customers to include their customer ID (we use MYOB Card ID in our case) in the reference part of their eft, some comply some don't.

Contributing Cover User Bettaview
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When entering customer payments from our bank statement, the invoice number is most commonly

used as the description of transfer (not the customers' name).  There is no way to look up the invoice

number when in the Receive Payments window - I keep having to close the window and look up the

number in order to allocate the payment to the correct customer card.  An invoice number search

field would be handy.




Ultimate Partner David_Cree
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Hello Mandy,


You do not need to close the receive payments window to look up the invoice number.

Right click on the screen and click on Find Transaction. Then enter the invoice # to find out who it was from. From the screen you can then open the invoice and apply the payment direct from there using the Payment button at the bottom of the invoice screen.


When you have done the payment close the invoice and you are back at the Find Transaction screen and you can then enter the next invoice number to find that one.


If you wish to you can have both the Receive Payments and the Find Transaction screens open at the same time and use the CTL and TAB keys at the same time to scroll through the open windows to do what you want.


Hope that helps




Contributing Partner janes
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When you enter a Receive Payment for an invoice would be great if you could either find by card or by invoice number. Often it is only the invoice number that you have on the statement, so you have to go to find transactions to find the card the invoice is raised in. Would be great if you could choose either card or invoice number.


Partner AlanT
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Hi @Matthew_W 


The ability to search by invoice numbers is a must have option in bank feeds.


At the moment you cannot search by invoice number and so the whole advantage of using bank feeds is totally lost.





MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @AlanT 

Thank you for your feedback and your vote in regards to the ability to search by invoice numbers in the AccountRight Live program, I have shared your feedback with the team.

Partner AlanT
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Thanks @Steven_M 


I have also posted this other item in the hope of getting some more ideas about how to work around this problem, but there have not been any solution suggested to date.