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Recurring Transactions: Bulk delete

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Hi All,


I found this topic in the MYOB Forum archives, and was greatly saddened.

We use recurring transactions to quickly duplicate quotes/invoices/Bills etc. (since there is no other built-in way of doing this - PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG) and therefore our 'recurring transaction' list just grows and grows, and it becomes a pain to find the correct one since it is swamped by a long list of recurring transcations that we'll never need again.


We try to clean up this list every now and again, but it's an immense pain to delete them one by one.


Please implement a way to bulk delete these recurring transactions so we can clean up this list without dedicating a whole afternoon to clicking "delete" over and over.


"Bulk Delete for Recurring Transactions"

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Seconded. There should be an option to delete the list more easily.

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We find that too many people use too many recurring transactions and that many of them are superfluous.  To make a recurring for say Origin Energy when all they supply is electricity and it will be linked to that account is unneccessary.

A more efficient method is to link the card under Buying Details so that every time Origin is opened it will go to the electricity account.

They should only be used for multiline transactions which only have small variations over time.



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I agree, I have a number of Clients which use recurring transactions. These are mainly used for creating large numbers of regularly invoiced Clients. To be able to bulk delete groups of recurring transactions would greatly assist workflows. Also the ability to slightly change the recurring invoice for each period without drilling down to each individual recurring transaction would be great

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@ronatbas I'd just like to reply to your comment. In my opinion there is more than one legitimate use for recurring transactions, from the sounds of it - maybe you haven't seen MYOB being used in the way that we use it in our business. The case you describe is completely unlike any transactions that we do.


We often use recurring transactions to simply copy a quote or invoice one or more times when we have a long bill of materials and we need to provide separate quotes for a few slighly different options. We mostly never need to use these again once we've prepared the different options. (We set the schedule with a frequency of "Never" for these ones). I would agree that recurring transactions are not designed for this use, however at the moment there is simply no better way of achieving this (if anybody thinks that there is then please educate me!). This has the terrible side-effect of filling up our recurring transactions list, and then some unfortunate soul needs to sit there for half a day or more just clicking the delete button over and over to clear it out...


Please MYOB team! Consider doing something about this.

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 Yes please.  Add the function to delete recurring transactions in bulk