AccountRight Update - when to install

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AccountRight Update - when to install

Hi Folks


MYOB can you confirm that an AccountRight Update eg. 2019.4 to 2020.1 does not remove the older version by default?


Why do I ask - because as a Partner I run an MYOB Remote desktop cloud Server - Terminal Server in the old lingo.


AccountRight Server version runs perfectly in this environment running files locally or in the MYOB cloud.


Firstly MYOB can you tell your tech side advisors to NOT inform clients who are running in a cloud SERVER environment with all their day to day computing i.e. Cloud Computing - that now they are upgrading from Premier 19.15 to AccountRight they they now need to get off this cloud server, and that AccountRight needs to be installed on local desktops to run - Please MYOB get your facts right - you do not need to do that and I have been offering Terminal ServerRemote Desktop Computing/Cloud computing since 1994 and this HAS NEVER been the case. 


Also can you please put something out there to stop this awful confusion - with cloud computing - cloud etc


People ring me constantly totally confused with the general advise that MYOB technical assistant are sometimes peddling. MYOB technical advise should not interfere with the general advice that a partner has given a client - especially if that partner is their adviser and especially if that partner has a lot of experience i.e. 20+ 


Clod computing is NOT running accountRight on your local desktop and accessing their file on the MYOB cloud - that is NOT cloud computing.


XERO (sorry about mentioning it) is totally internet run and cloud hosted  - i.e is cloud computing - I do not use XERO, refuse to use it I am just giving an example.


MYOB Essentials IS Cloud Computing - fully hosted in the cloud.


If a client runs ALL their computing in a virtual remote desktop environment outside their geographical location - i.e. hosted virtually - that is cloud computing per se.


We offer that to our clients - full private cloud hosting.


We use a Virtual Hosted Microsoft Server environment - Terminal Server if you like but there others - we install AccountRight Server on that hosted cloud environment and it works perfectly - multi-company/multi-versions - AccountRight is hence running perfectly in a cloud environment and this is ideal setup for multi-branch businesses/multi-file multi-users etc (I am not plugging for the advantages of Terminal Server - just saying this is cloud in a fashion(not true cloud I suppose but the distinction is not a lot different).


If a client want to run AccountRight in this way MYOB don't change them with ill advise about AccountRight needing to be run from a local desktop - wrong.


Back to the environment - if AR is run in this configuration you STILL CAN chose to run this file in the MYOB cloud with its advantages at doing so. HOWEVER, for security and other reasons - many clients chose to take the file out of the cloud and run in locally - locally in this sense means - within the enironment of the private cloud server hosting them. The file is in essence a local file - however, the client is still running in a private cloud.


If the client choses to leave the file in the MYOB hosted Cloud - then it can be accessed by ANYONE they want to running AccountRight from ANY environemnt - including their accountant.


Please MYOB get this right when you advise people.


Finally - please confirm that when a server AccountRight install is updated (and for that matter a desktop version) the update does not by default remove the old version - why.


With a cloud server - 1 server may run a number of clients, however you only install AR once - it is mult-user. 

If one of the client's on the server or all of them decide to store their file in the MYOB cloud so their Accountant can access them the what happens is - some accountants upgrade the instant an update comes out - then ring their client and say 'I cannot open your file because it is still on 2019.4' - hence Accountants (in all theor glory) seem to be the tail wagging the server dog!!


My answer is - what a client's accountants does is their business - the server will be updated as soon as an MYOB (or for that matter any Microsoft update) has had time to settle - I allow at least 2 to 3 weeks.


I update the server on my timetable not any accountants timetable - and hence MYOB I assume that accountant still has 2019.4 on their computers and can continue to open this client's file with 2019.4 - instead of ringing the client and saying 'I can't open your file it is not on the latest version'


Will there you go MYOB a few gripes from the Doc!


The Doc



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Accepted Solution Solved

Re: AccountRight Update - when to install

Hi @The_Doc 

Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and cloud computing.


As you have been indicating, AccountRight is a desktop-based program that allows clients to use the company file locally or online, it up to the client where they would like to store their company file. It should also be pointed out that it's not fully an online solution at this time as you do need to have the AccountRight product installed to have access to the file. This is unlike MYOB Essentials and other software on the market that use a web browser to access the data.

In terms of installing the software, when you install a new version of AccountRight it will install a new version of the application on your computer.  This is to allow those clients that may need to continue to use the older version as well as use the new version. For example, Partners/Advisors that work on multiple client files OR IT people that want to install the software earlier across the computers and then once everyone has it installed upgrade the files.

There are some exceptions to that, generally, when we do a patch update like compliance updates, we have the version upgrade 2019.2 and then we do a smaller patch upgrade to include to payroll tax tables 2019.2.1. The smaller patch upgrade doesn't install a new version it just upgrades over the top with PC Editions. With Server Editions a reinstall is typically required.


You also mentioned upgrading of files, this is a point that I see you have created a separate post on Upgrading Online files - a real problem to which I have responded to. In short, it comes down to the user access you give the user when inviting them to the file. If they are a file user they don't have the access to upgrade the file, AccountRight Live Owners and Administrators have that access.

Kind regards,

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