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Observation regarding upgrading from 2023.1 to 2023.2

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Observation regarding upgrading from 2023.1 to 2023.2

We havean online version of the AccountRight data file but use the installed application on our PCs rather than the web browser interface.


After receiving the email from MYOB about upgrading to v2023.2 I proceeded to do the upgrade on my PC using the auto upgrade after starting up AccountRight 2023.1.  This went smoothly.


I then went to do the same upgrade on the PC used by our acccounts clerk.  This didn't go as expected.  This was because not only had the local application been upgraded but so had the online data file.  When I started AccountRight 2023.1 on the account clerks PC and selected the data file to open, a warning was displayed stating the version of the data file could not be opened with the installed version of AccountRight.


The consequence was the auto update step was not reached.  This meant I had to manually download v2023.2 from MYOB using our support account then install it.  This went without a hitch.


Did I miss some way of still being able to use the auto update feature despite the data file having been already updated to v2023.2 requirements?


If not, then I would like to suggest an enhancement could be made so that in the situation I described above, where the data file has already been updated, there would be a way for the auto update feature to still work before actually opening the selected data file.  This saves having to login to the support account and manually download and install the update.  For some users they might not have their support account details readily available to use this option.


The starting sequence I propose is:

1. Start AccountRight

2. AccountRight checks whether there is an update available and if so, prompts the user to install it.

3. User is prompted to select and open a data file.


An alternative is to switch steps 2 and 3 but not open the already upgraded data file until the application upgrade has been done.


If the user rejects the application upgrade then they are specifically warned they will have to manually upgrade the application before they can open the upgraded data file, rather than receiving just the warning about the data file version incompatability.


I believe this enhancement would be helpful but realise there may be reasons my suggested approach can't be implemented.







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Re: Observation regarding upgrading from 2023.1 to 2023.2

Hi @PRF 

Thanks for posting.

When the previous update 2021.1 was made the application will just automatically download each update in the background without you needing to do anything once it is available. There is a chance that it did not update the application because, at the time you had it opened, it was currently downloading the latest version. This is a useful Help Article to keep track of the updates as they come and also a great place to read about how the auto-update works.


All the best 


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