AccountRight 2019.2 Invoice Number Sequence Error

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AccountRight 2019.2 Invoice Number Sequence Error

Last week, having used AccountRight 2019.2 for approxmately 2 months, I discovered the the invoice numbering sequence had errors. Whilst there are posts of a similar nature throughout this forum, non seem to be of the kind I am experiencing. 


The Issue:

When releasing a backorder from say three weeks ago, the subsequent invoice that is processed begins its number at the one following the backorder. In doing so, already-used invoice numbers are duplicated on other customers' accounts.


MYOB Suggested Fix (which doesn't work)

In Preferences, tick the box to alert for duplicate invoices and untick the box to retain original invoice numbers on backorders. I repeat, this does not fix the issue.


Why is this such a serious problem?

  1. First of all, retaining an original invoice number on backorders would imply that the original part shipment and the subsequent invoice for the balance of the order, would have the same invoice number. From a data control perspective, mostly likely tax perspective this should never happen.
  2. Having a situation where different customers (even the same customer) have different invoices with the same number can not only cause internal issues when trying to send copies of invoices, entering EFT payments where the invoice number is the reference, tracking deliveries via a reference number (which is often an invoice number), but also potential issues during an EOYF audit or God forbid a tax audit.
  3. Often one of the first things that an auditor will check during an EOFY audit is the continuation of invoice numbers from the previous year, in sequence to the end of the current year, including shipping docs to prove those invoices on teh last day of June have actually left the building. All of this is made more difficult, if not impossible if invoices are not in sequence.

Having used MYOB Classic for 13 years I can categorically say that this issue was not present in the Classic versions of MYOB. Support have indicated quite clearly that it is an issue with the base line programming of the "Live" version of MYOB and might take up to 2 years to fix. From what I read elsewhere, this is one of many issues that exist with MYOB Live versions.


The reason for such a detailed post here is to gauge whether other users are experiencing much down time, productivity loss, data accuracy concerns etc involving MYOB AccountRight 2019 / the "new Live" versions of MYOB? 


I have attempted to speak to a Product Manager responsible for AccountRight 2019, but was advised (after being told they are not authorised to transfer me to them), to post on here. So I am. 


My company is experiencing significant productivity losses as a result of the above and a few other issues that exist in the ltest MYOB AccountRight software. I am also concerned about the fact that I have duplicate invoice numbers throughout my sales until I picked up on it happening. My staff now have to double check, manually correct etc whilst processing all customer orders. On top of other issues that cause additional work. An example of 1 is very simply - when you select in preferences that you would like to print packing slips with all invoices, why does the software continue to default to "0" in the print/email invoices section? (Was never the case in Classic version). If staff forget to check the field, the time wasted on going back and printing packing slips for those invoices is not insignificant.


I am not overly interested in entering into a discussion with a support person here as I have covered everything already with team members over the phone. I am more interested in gauging others' experiences prior to deciding what if any action for recover of costs my company may take. I am of the belief that users have been forced onto MYOB Live software prior to it being ready for market.


Anyway, sorry about the long winded post. It was good to get it off my chest.

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Re: AccountRight 2019.2 Invoice Number Sequence Error

Hi @PhilC001 


Thank you for your feedback

I have sent you an email to go through your enquiry. However for others that may be interested this is something that we have reported to the required team and do we appreciate the impact that it can have on clients (and their customers).


While an in-product resolution is sorted by our team, the following workarounds could be investigated to prevent this from occurring:

  • After recording the invoice, manually overtype the invoice number on the net invoice to follow the recorded invoice.
  • After converting that order to an invoice before selecting Record update the invoice number to have an alpha character in it i.e. 0000010a or O0000010 (zero is replaced with the letter O). By adding that alpha character the system doesn’t treat that number as part of the invoice number sequence and thus doesn’t revert that sequence back to that number

Also, having Warn for Duplicate Invoice Numbers enabled will also give a warning when attempting to record an invoice with a duplicate invoice number.

Kind regards,

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Re: AccountRight 2019.2 Invoice Number Sequence Error

Hi PhilC001


I am experiencing exactly the same problem with purchase number sequence and have just had to go through and manually change a group of PO numbers. I have also had similar issues with the date automatically reverting to a different date and have previously put both of these things down to user error but today I was able to trace it back to the source and it was definitely a MYOB error.


I did not get any warnings that the PO numbers had already been used before however they would probably have been purged by now. This is a huge annoyance at the very least.


Anyway, I appreciate your post and share your concerns.


Best regards



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