Deposit to supplier

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Deposit to supplier

Hi there,


I'm using myob v.21. I made a prepayment to the supplier but we haven't received invoice from supplier yet.

So the transaction will effect deposit and prepayment. When i run report for supplier aging, it does not reflect that payment has been made. The due amount to supplier show the actual amount as invoice we received from supplier.


   My question, how to allocate the payment to the actual invoice when im received the invoice from supplier? so that it will show payments has been made in aging report. Please help.....thank you so much.Smiley Sad

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Re: Deposit to supplier



I see you are posting from Malaysia, while we welcome your contribution to this MYOB Community Forum its primary aim is supporting the Australian and New Zealand based MYOB Programs. If you are using a different countries program you might need to speak to your software provider for your region - for Malaysia this is MYOB Malaysia


In terms of the New Zealand and Australian based AccountRight program you would record a deposit to a Supplier via applying a payment to a closed bills or a zero dollar bill using the Purchases>>Pay Bills window. By doing this it will generate a debit note, can be seen in the Purchases>>Purchase Register>>Returns and Debits tab, to which you can apply to an Bill when it comes in OR receive a refund on it if required.  Help Article: Settling supplier debits would be able to assist with that Returns and Debit process. 

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