Purchases missing from Profit and Loss Report

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Purchases missing from Profit and Loss Report

We use AccountRight Enterprise on Server 2012.  Australia Version Release 19.13.0. We use Categories - compulsory on all Transactions.  Each State is a Category (eg QLD, NSW, VIC, WA).  We use Accrual basis.


I have been working through our monthly P&L report and I have an anomaly in July 2016.


Our purchases (cost of sales) are fairly consistent each month (eg $500-600k), but for the month of July on the P&L Report, Purchases are nearly half what they normally are ($270k).  I have run a Separate purchases (cost of sales) report and it shows that Cost of Sales should be around the usual $600k.  I ran the Category Profit and Loss Report and it is the QLD Category Sales which are significantly down (ie $68000 when they should be at least $380k) to be consistent with other months.  Is there a glitch in the software??  All other months are consistent for the 12 months prior to July 2016 and for Aug & Sep 2016. I cannot figure out what is wrong! Please help as I'm very worried about our data integrity.  It is skewing the BAS for that month as well (normally we have approx $15-20k more Tax Collected than Tax Paid - which we remit to the Aust Tax Office...but July shows nearly the same amount of Tax Collected as Tax Paid due to this Purchases anomaly.

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Re: Purchases missing from Profit and Loss Report

Hi @Bucket_Girl


That is very unusual, my initial thoughts would be that as this is a category report, that the transactions hadn’t been tagged with a category, which would prevent the transaction from showing under the category based reports but would show under the general reports.


Are you able to run the Profit & Loss [Accrual} report, for the month in question as well as for previous months and ensure that these reports appear consistent. As the Profit & Loss accrual report is designed to pick up every single transaction in the period, regardless of whether or not the transactions had a category assigned to it.


If you are concerned about the integrity of your data file, then I recommend running a verify and an optimise on your file. The verify company file tool is designed to check your company file for errors based off a number of tests, while the optimise company file is designed to rebuild your company file and compact it down to the smallest size it can be without deleting any information.


Do let us know how you get on with this,


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