Refund a deposit of an order

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Refund a deposit of an order

Hi there, 
I got a question here. Fyi, the nature of the business is school tuition. The account closing date is on 31/12/2018.
The customer have deposited for booking fee for Jan 2019 on 30 Sept 2018.
So I created an order and recorded payment. But he happened to pull out and asking for refund.
Is it right if I recorded another credit note, and just select "pay refund" for the transaction? (Or I need to use spend money and use linked account "deposit tuition sales")
The refund transaction date was 31/12/2018.
I got confused because the refund transaction still appears in my trade receivable.
Is it because I haven't convert the order into invoice?

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Re: Refund a deposit of an order

Hi @JustStarted


When you create an order no accounts are affected, it's only when you convert that to an invoice that the accounts are affected. If a payment is placed against that transaction when it is still at an order phase the payment is basically placed into holding until that invoice is converted.


The way I would process your situation would be:


  1. Convert that order into an invoice
  2. Generate a (manual) credit note for the customer i.e. a negative invoice for the refund amount
  3. Process that refund/credit note amount via Sales>>Sales Register>>Returns and Credits>>Pay refund.

The above process may be something that you want to speak to your advisor/accountant in regards to.

Kind regards,

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