System.ArgumentException: EntityInfo: P0->SaleEvent is not a credit.

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System.ArgumentException: EntityInfo: P0->SaleEvent is not a credit.

I get the above exception every time I try to print a Remittance Advice from a Refund that has not yet been recorded (where I expect the record and print to happen as part of the print process).


  • Create the refund, don't record.
  • Select Print.
  • OK the message that advises the transaction will be recorded before printing.
  • Select my print options and print.
  • Print proceeds but I am left on the Refund screen and some field on the screen is marked with a red cross to say invalid value.  The field that is marked seems to be arbitrary.  I tried this several times in our test system and different fields get marked as invalid.
  • I remain trapped on this screen (cancel, record and close don't work) until MYOB eventually fails and needs to close with the following error:  System.ArgumentException: EntityInfo: P0->SaleEvent is not a credit.


Note:  The transaction prints and it is recorded.  When I get back in to MYOB, the refund has been paid.  It would appear that MYOB records the refund but is unable to cope with this.


This appears to be an identical issue to one reported in 2017 - that report, from the MYOB Community, is attached.  I cannot see a resolution of this issue on the Community (might have missed it).


Please help.


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