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Incorrect Entitlement Balance reports after upgrading to AccountRight 2019

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Incorrect Entitlement Balance reports after upgrading to AccountRight 2019

Hi Everyone,


We have seen reports from Clients that have upgraded from AccountRight Classic and the Entitlement Balances have changed after the upgrade.


This can result in either a Difference between the Hours from Pays and Card Balance in the new software's reports whereas there was no difference in the old software's reports. This can also result in the Entitlement Balances simply being incorrect even if there is no difference.


If there was a difference between the Hours from Pays and Card Balance in v19 and upgraded with the issues, this can sometimes be fixed by following this support note on the new file: Resolving a difference in Entitlement Balance reports (Australia only)


You can still open your old file in the previous software to run these reports for comparison if you are unsure.


This is normally resolved by having the file sent to our Datafile Repair team. They will then make sure that the data is re-calculated and matches the same data as in your reports from AccountRight Classic.


If you find your balances are wrong between the reports in your old software and new software, please collect the following:

  • Entitlement Balance Detail report in AccountRight 2019
  • Entitlement Balance Detail report in AccountRight Classic
  • The Employee(s) name that's affected
  • Your AccountRight Serial Number
  • The Company File ID
  • Your Best contact Email Address

Once you have collected this, please send the Community Support Moderators a Private Message with the above details. You can send a Private Message to Support by clicking this link: Send PM to Social Team



As a small note, this does not occur with all files and can sometimes be easily fixable. One of the Moderator team will typically ask for the Payroll Reports to view to see if this is something that can be fixed quickly or submitted to our Repair Team to investigate.

The core problem is still being investigated however our current understanding is that this can occur when the Migration service does not populate the figures correctly from v19 to the Live software and it is caused for a few different reasons and configurations and does not occur with all migrations.


We have found this mostly happens with:

  • TOIL
  • Long Service Leave
  • Personal Leave


Based on previous repairs done, we have also found that this does not typically affect all Employees or Categories and Annual Leave is not usually the culprit though this can be the only entitlement be incorrect.


At current the main culprits we've found that cause this are:

  • There are user-entered Entitlement values in v19 that were not processed by a $0 paycheque.
  • Any entitlements that have balances and were unlinked at the time of migration and linked again after the migration.
  • Reinstated Employees that did not have their Leave Balances cleared before termination in v19


Other causes are still being identified, however the ones above are the most common. This is definitely something we are looking at resolving as we understand the importance of the report accuracy.

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