TIL balance on pay slip

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TIL balance on pay slip

Hi, I am only able to see Time In Lieu balance on an employees payslip if an amount has been accrued in that pay period. How can I get it to still show the YTD balance even if there has been no extra TIL accrued in the pay period being processed?



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Re: TIL balance on pay slip

Hi @RaRMS (& @Janellec27 )

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge.

AccountRight 2015 will require a payroll category to be used in that payroll year to get shown on the payslip. If you haven't used a payroll category in that year it will not appear on payslip even if you have a current balance for that entitlement. If you would like a category to appear and you aren't intending to record a transaction to that entitlement in the coming pay periods I would recommend recording a dummy transaction and reversing it. By using this process it will create a record in the database saying it has been used in the payroll year but as you are reversing it the actual values are not changing.

To record a dummy transaction go to Payroll>>Process Payroll>>Select the relevant employee/s and take note of the Payment date (the pay period start and end dates are not important in this case). You would then select Next and then the arrow next to the employee's name to bring up the Pay Employee window. Within this window you would zero out all values i.e. no wages, no PAYG, no superannuation. When its been zeroed out enter in a 1 against the chosen entitlement (in your case) and select to record the transaction. You will get a warning message saying it a void transaction that is fine, its due to the net pay being zero, continue to process the Payroll transaction as per normal.

You can then go to Setup>>Preferences>>Security tab>>tick "Transactions can't be changed they must be reversed". After that preference has been enabled go to Payroll>>Transaction Journal>>Search for the relevant transaction (use the payment date from the transaction). Once this has been found go to Edit>>Reverse Payroll Transaction and record the reversal.

By using the above method it will add a 1 into the entitlement and then remove that 1 (doing the reversal). This will make the entitlement appear on the payslip as it now has a history in the current payroll year and no values are being affect due to you reversing that transaction.

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