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Customise Client Accounting Reports

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Customise Client Accounting Reports



I am using the new AE Ledger and I want to customise the reports so the Beneficiary Funds are condensed in the Balance Sheet and detailed beneficiary accounts in the notes to the financial statements. For example in the notes ideally want it to show;


Note 1. 

Beneficiary name 1

Opening Balance                            $XXXX

Capital Introduced                          $XXXX

Drawings                                         $XXXX

Share of profit                                 $XXXX

Total Beneficiary name 1             $XXXX


Beneficiary name 2

Opening Balance                            $XXXX

Capital Introduced                          $XXXX

Drawings                                         $XXXX

Share of profit                                 $XXXX

Total Beneficiary name 2             $XXXX


Total Beneficiary Funds               $XXXX


At the moment, I do not get sub totals for each beneficiary instead it only shows the grand total.


Can you please assist?

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Re: Customise Client Accounting Reports

Hi @Nchan,


Give this a try:

In the Account Groups window, expand the following folders in the Account Group Details pane (i.e. middle pane):

Balance Sheet > Assets and Liabilities > Liabilities > Current Liabilities > Unpaid Present Entitlements.

Allocate all beneficiary accounts to this Unpaid Present Entitlements (UPEs) group. Using your example, i'd allocate these accounts to the UPEs group:
- Beneficiary header account
- Opening balance
- Capital Introduced
- Drawings
- Share of Profit
Your account groups should look similar to the following:
(Note: I'm using an AccountRight style of chart and I've separated CR balances to appear in liabilities and DR balances to appear in assets, however this mapping shouldn't be any different if I was using a different style of chart)
So that your balance sheet balances, make sure you've also allocated the "Distribution to Beneficiaries" account to the Current Year Earnings group. This is my 3-7300 account in the screenshot above.

Your balance sheet should then look something like this:


And your UPE's note should look similar to:
(My hypothetical clients, John and Jane started the year off with a Debit opening balance)

Let me know how you go!


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