TFN Beneficiary Report for the June 2015 Quarter AO Tax

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TFN Beneficiary Report for the June 2015 Quarter AO Tax



We are currently in the process of preparing our Trust resolutions, which are required to be signed off before the end of June 2015, and part of our process would be to also create a TFN Beneficiary report for any new beneficiaries in the June 2015 year.


Previously, these have been prepared prior to the end of the June quarter, for the June quarter using AO Tax.


I have attempted to prepare, however, AO Tax will not allow a future dated Beneficiary Report to be prepared.


We would prefer to prepare these at the same time as the trust resolutions, as we have done in the past, as we do not want to be having to send out two separate correspondences to our clients with regards to this.  (This can result in additional unrecouped time and effectively 'double handling')


If you could advise us of how this can be rectified, then that would be great.



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Re: TFN Beneficiary Report for the June 2015 Quarter AO Tax

Hi @Jules01,


The Trust Details (TD) TFN reporting for June quarter (1st June 2015 – 30 September 2015) cannot be created in a 2014 Tax return as it not a registered form available from ATO until we release Tax 2015 version. Therefore this form can only be created in 2015 Tax return once the Tax 2015.0 version is installed.  AO Tax has been behaved in the same way since ATO introduced Trust Details (TD) forms.


We understand the difficulty you are facing in the workflow due to this scenario but unfortunate we cannot release this form early due to the ELS requirements.


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