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Using MYOB AE over a site to site VPN link

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Using MYOB AE over a site to site VPN link



I've spoken over the phone to MYOB support about this previously but I thought it might be worth asking here to see if anyone else has been successful in doing this.

I'm planning on relocating my AE database server and all other server infrastructure in my network to another location and link the two networks via a site to site link (presently the theoretical maximum speed is 400mbps, but in the final configuration both sides of the VPN will be on 1gbps links). My client devices are all using local workstation installs of the AE client application. So far in my testing this has worked relatively well with two exceptions.


1) Logging into AE from my test computer tends to take about 20-30 seconds to go from entering the login credentials to the home screen. I figure this is probably due to the extra hops between the client and the DB server. Even though latency is quite low and stable. Typically I've been averaging 1 to 2 ms with no packets lost when pinging the database server.


2) When clicking on the "live" cloud icon in the ribbon at the top of the window, the browser does not launch. Instead it will bring up the login prompt in the screencap attached. When the client PC is on the same subnet it will just launch whatever the default web browser is. I've tried a number of suggestions but none have made a difference. Most recently I've reinstalled Windows and set up the computer with the bare minimum of GPOs in case an existing policy was interfering.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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