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Client past addresses and making changes

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Client past addresses and making changes

This is a suggestion for an improvement to MYOB Accountants Office. 


In MYOB Classic we were able to view clients addess history which allowed us to view past addresses if there had been changes. 


This function would be extremely useful for times when we come across a different address for a client. We used to be able to easily see if it was a previous address or if it is a clients new address and they just hadn't advised us of it yet. Also as it is quite simple in Accounants Office for someone who wants to remove an adress from a specific client to select delete address rather than unlink address. If this occured and it wasn't fixed straight away we wouldn't be able to easily find out what the previous address was. 


Another suggestion with addresses is having the option when changing an address which clients the changes apply for. In MYOB Classic when you updated an address a pop up would open up saying this address is shared to ... and would list each client that had the orginal address. You could then tick a box next to each client you wanted to apply the address change for. In Accountants Office we have to either change every address or open up each client and unlink then create the addres and share. It is very time consuming and a situiation that adrising often such as a couple seperating or a client changing their postal address not their home or business address. 


Thank you 

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Re: Client past addresses and making changes

Hi @ashleywhm


Thanks for your post and suggestions.


I will pass these on to the Product Development team - the Address History is a great idea!


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