MYOB and window properties

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MYOB and window properties

We are using MYOB AO 2017

We have the new platform and are also using it with AO classic ver 20.0

In the new AO we we are in the client accounting tab and we click Launch AO GL

When the GL window opens to classic, sometimes the General Ledger tab is missing from the window.

I have rung MYOB several times and we can fix it by removing the CDX files etc and the CADATA files.

That fixes the problem but it keeps happening. It usually does this as a result of MYOB being accessed via RDP It works OK remotely but when we come back into the office and use the computer normally is when it happens. It normally only occurs on the PC that was remoted into but today it occured again. I ran the usual fix but it didn't fix it for the one GL that had been accessed remotely. And it also has the same issue when opening this client's ledger on the other PC's. It seems that somthing is happening within the actual client ledger.

As a work aroung we can open the ledger from the Main tab and the GL window is OK and displays the General Ledger menu in the window.

I don't know any other fixes.

MYOB have said that it is a known issue and that we should launch the GL outside of the new platform. Yes this works but shouldn't it work correctly and is MYOB going to fix the issue.

The problem occurs only after we have remoted into the pc that MYOB is installed on.







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Re: MYOB and window properties

Hi @ford


When you open AO Classic, either on a desktop, or via RDP, it writes the window sizes you set into the database, so that next time, the window opens the same size.


If your resolution on your RDP session is different to the resolution on your desktop monitor is different, then this can cause a mismatch when you open on one of the environs - because AO Classic is trying to open the the window to the last size you had open.


There is no specific "fix" for this, because it is working as designed - ie: you might always want GL's to be opened Full Screen, to give you more working space.  But full screen is a different size between two monitors.


You can remove the AOFavourites database files from the data folder, but this affects all users - not just the user with the problem.


Alternatively, don't use Full Screen views, or if you do, make sure you set it back to the regular size before closing AO Classic when using via RDP, or have the RDP session set to a lower resolution or the same resolution as your desktop monitor.


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