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Import_Item_Sales - Error -10: Invalid date - MYOB Premier Release 17.0.0

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Import_Item_Sales - Error -10: Invalid date - MYOB Premier Release 17.0.0


I am trying to import data to Clearwtr.MYO.

While importing Import_Item_Sales data thru SQL i am getting error @ myoblog.txt.Attached for your reference


string sql = "INSERT INTO Import_Item_Sales(CoLastName,FirstName,AddressLine1,Inclusive,InvoiceNumber,SaleDate,"
+ "CustomersNumber,ItemNumber,Quantity, Description,ExTaxPrice,IncTaxPrice,"
+ "ExTaxTotal,IncTaxTotal,Job,Memo,TaxCode,SaleStatus,AmountPaid) VALUES ("
+ "'Leisure Landscape Nursery','Leisure Landscape Nursery','No.111 North Bridge Road','N','00000022','30/01/2013',"
+ "'Cust20020704','9200',1,'Bottle Adjustment Unit',"
+ "45,49.5,45,49.50,0202, 'Sale;Leisure Landscape Nursery','GST','I',0) ";



Please let me know the SQL Syntax or Sample SQL Query to insert data to Import_Item_Sales table

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