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Newtonsoft.Json version issue with MYOB AccountRight API SDK 2016.2.99

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Newtonsoft.Json version issue with MYOB AccountRight API SDK 2016.2.99

We have had to update the Newtonsoft.Json Version in our project to the latest version (11.0.2) to support other libraries we need to use, but now the MYOB SDK won't connect anymore.  The error suggests that is it is looking for Newtonsoft JSON version 7.0.1 although the Dependency information just says it needs to be version 7.0.1 or greater.  We have confirmed that if we replaced the current NEwtonsoft JSON DLL with the older 7.0.1 version MYOB will connect again (but of course it breaks several other parts of our software).  Our app.config does have the   <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" /> line but the SDK seems to have specific versioning set and isn't using the ersion 11.


Assuming this is a defect in the SDK, when will an updated version of the SDK be made available that supports the newer versions of Newtonsoft JSON?





Matthew Hill
Unified Systems Ltd
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