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Purchases: Ability to generate a purchase order




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Dear MYOB Team


LiveAccounts is a great package for small businesses and we love it.


One additional  feature will make it an awesome product: The ability to raise purchase orders then convert them to payable invoices once received.


Eliminating the double data entry


Many thanks




"Please add the ability to create a Purchase Order"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

MYOB Business allows users to generate Purchase orders from the Purchases module.

Check out Help Article: Purchase orders for more information.

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For a couple of our price sensitive clients it will make the difference between them using MYOB Essentials and a competitors product.

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I'm a small but growing business and my suppliers are constantly asking for PO, this is an easy upgrade to the system and would benefit allot of business in there day to day proceedings.

Is there a current ETA on this product?


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Thank you for all your comments. The ability to create a Purchase Order in Essentials has been under consideration by our product development team for some time. We unfortunately do not currently have an ETA on this. Will update this Idea post as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

We request others to please vote and comment to show your support / interest in the idea.  

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Hi, I was just hoping that there is an idea already posted about integrating Purchase Orders into MYOB Essentials.



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I need to use a basic purchase order system when purchasing material, to keep my wholesalers honest and so i don't miss parts in a customers bill, I was wondering if this is something that could potentially be added to essentials or if you have any knowledge that might help myself in this situation.
I have looked at some add on programs however haven't seen anything that is Essentials worthy i.e.. simple, works well and at a reasonable price, often these add ons are more expensive that Essentials itself and to be honest i would like to have it all under the Essentials banner.
any ideas would be great
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Thank you for your ides in regards to Essentials and purchase orders.


Currently MYOB Essentials can only do Bills, it does not have the capability to do purchase orders. I would encourage other users to vote and comment if required for this idea if they want to see this in future versions 

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Yes yes yes please implement this update for creating Purchase Orders ASAP. It's got to be getting higher on the list as it's been requested since July 2011 !

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Hello @AndrewATPL 


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea, as Suja has mentioned we will update as soon when we have more information to provide to you. I encourage any one else who would like to see purchase orders in Essentials to post and comment too. 


Kind regards, 



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I would like to create a purchase order from MYOB Essentials the same way quotes are created

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To create PO's from Essentials would be a very constructive move as some small business operate this way and do not need the bells and whistles of the other accounting packages :-)