Timesheets and entitlements

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Timesheets and entitlements

Staff earn an RDO by working eatra hours each week. 

Week one is entered into the timehseet module as -4 then five days of 8 hours: thus they work 40 hours but get paid for 36. 

Week two is entered as -4, 8 RDO the four days of 8 hours, thus paid for 36 hours. 

That is all good and per MYOB info provided. The staff have an entitlement to RDO's of 4 hours entered as well, in the same manner as annual leave. 

My query is, what happens when they work less than a full week? For example if they are on leave without pay and only work 3 out of the five days, do I alter the negative amount to -2.4 (being 3/5ths of the entitlement) and also alter the entilement in the RDO / AL entitlement to 2.4 as well, or do one or both of these remain at the 4 figure? 

Coinfusing I know, sorry!  

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Re: Timesheets and entitlements

Hi @618109938751


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of helpful information.


It might be worth checking with Fairwork or similar to get an external perspective on this particular situation to determine if the employee would be entitled to those RDO hours if they are not actually working, such as if they are on leave without pay.


In terms of entering the entitlement on the pay/timesheet you would need to consider what you are actually reducing, is it the total number of hours per week or the number of hours that they have worked this week? Additionally, depending upon what Fairwork says you could take that into account when determining the number of hours you are reducing on the timesheet.


Please do feel free to post any other questions that you may have

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