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Several of our clients have multiple rental properties and we need to dissect the various properties.  Essentials would be an ideal tool for this, but we don't seem to be able to segregate transactions - not worth the additional expense to use Account Right level of product - jobs would be ideal

Current Status: Planned

Last Changed: February 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea

Job costing is something that we are actively looking into for MYOB Essentials for up and coming updates. More details are to follow about how you can access jobs in MYOB Essentials closer to its initial development. 

Do feel free to comment and vote for idea still. We love to hear the feedback on MYOB Essentails and other MYOB programs.

Partner Orbus2
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After reading all the comments, basically i think we want Live accounts to be just like AccountRight, with the same functions and features

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Job tracking would definitely be an improvement in Live Accounts.

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It would be very handy to have job codes and be able to allocate expenses against an invoice.  In a consulting operation where out of pockets go straight to the customer this is a must.

Ultimate Partner Geoff_
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I must admit this would be a great enhancement. I have clients who are contractors and use the Job Codes in the other MYOB Programs and having them in live accounts would be a great selling point.

Former Staff Richard_Puffe
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Hi, Thanks for your enhancement request. Richard Puffe MYOB LiveAccounts Product Manager
Contributing User Cam2c
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I know this has been asked for for a few years now. But is there any word on, or hope for, job numbers in LiveAccounts? Or is the push just towards AccountRight? For me they've been the missing feature since i began, but even then there was talk of adding them as a feature and plenty of requests. 


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Totally with you on this one also, an extra searchable field in the invoices  rather than just the invoice number is essential. In this field, I guess you can input address of propert or some other reference. I have same problem with many ships of one client.

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Just set up MYOB Essential to find out that it does not do the following;

Job Coding

Batch Payments

Exporting to Excel

Importing Timesheets

Matching bank DR to supplier invoices does not render the invoice paid in MYOB. This is an odd one!


the product is very clean to use and great for basic businesses but it would be amazing to see a cloud version of Enterprise.


If I am incorrect in any of my observatiosn above, feel free to let me know. I would love to keep using it!



MYOB Moderator Liam_M
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Hello @royalhotels 

MYOB Essentials is a separate product to our AccountRight product range and doesn't have the features you've listed (with the exception that matching a bank feed to an expense will mark the expense as paid, and close it if paid in full).

We do have a cloud service for most of our AccountRight Products called AccountRight Live. It does have all the features you've mentioned. You can find out more about it here:

AccountRight Live




MYOB Support

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It would be great if Essentials would cater for jobs or tracking per rental purposes to keep track of costs for each rental property.  Thanks