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Journal entry: Ability to tab through window




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When entering general journals we are unable to tab through when entering data. 


Using Google Chrome on Mac book air (brand new Oct 2014 with latest software).


Also it would be nice if we could copy journals...same idea as copy invoices.



Omni Payroll Team.  


"Tab Through General Journal & Copy Journals"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @omnipayroll. Anyone else who would like the ability to tab from field to field while entering general journal entries, please cast your vote here so that we can gauge the popularity of this idea.

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Any time I have the chance I tell whoever I'm speaking to at MYOB (including client manager and partner manager) that they are making accountants use the "dumbed down for J Public" version and it's not right. 

We should never have migrated over from BankLink to Essentials.  BankLink was a great product.

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Well, it's taken SIX [expletive deleted] YEARS but we just had a meeting with our partner manager who says the tab issue is being addressed in the next upgrade of Essentials.

About [more words deleted] time!

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please its already 2020