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Can developers please consider the following with the current MYOB PayBy features.

Currently an Invoice is closed off when a payment is received through PayBY and the email report tells the client which Invoice Number has been paid. When the bank feed pulls through, you can only match to a CP payment number and not the Invoice number paid (at least that is how it is in my clients file). Therefore in order correctly match the bank feed settlement amount to the correct customer transactions (as you can have many with the same amount), you must first do a Sales History on the Invoice number and scroll down to find out what the CP payment number is that you need to match the bank feed entry to.  This is just so time consuming and lots of double handling. 


The other issue is the Bank Feed shows a daily settlement amount on a specific date, but the CP payments can be on the date of the settlement or up to 2-3 days prior.  It is really an inaccurate matching process, and certainly not double entry bookkeeping at all. The Invoice payments need to be allocated to a separate account instead of the cheque account and the daily settlement amount should be allocated to that account and matched. 


Also the bank reconciliation screen has no automatic calculator, so you need to manually add up many transaction small amounts to try and match to the PayBy daily Settlement amount.  This is not efficient at all. 


There are many improvements that can be made to make this much more workable and efficient.


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Contributing Cover User

I have an issue too. I had noticed that PayBy payment will match automatically if it is just one invoice. 

We are experiencing:
PayBy comes in>>Create CP>>Bank statement auto match>>CP is treated as another payment>>Invoice shows overpayment.

This need to be fixed straight away. We are fixing the issue one by one but we cannot tell if it is actually overpaid or not until we look into the system and bank statement properly.