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Update banking rules to differentiate between deposits and withdrawls

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There are times when it would be brilliant to have a different rule for a Deposit and a withdrawal with the same cirteria.


I.e. A florists sells to "new world" and also purchases from them.  If you create a rule with "New World" in the text field it will allocate all transactions, regardless of deposit or withdrawals, to the one account.


Adding the ability to select that the rule applies to either a Deposit, a Withdrawal or both would save a lot of rework correct the individual transactions.

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I would also like to see a rule where all deposits are treated in the same way ie all deposits are allocated to a particular income a/c. This will handle situations where a business has a seperate POS system which is not linked to MYOB eg a childcare centre; all deposits are payments for fees but they have different descriptions so the existing rules do not help to enter the transactions, but an overall rule for all credits would. If there were some credits that are not payments of fees these could be handled by an exception within the rule. That is all deposits are allocated to an income a/c unless it contains a description of Transfer, than it is allocated to a different a/c.