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I love the concept of 'Your Pay', however it would be more user friendly for my employees if it was a phone app (similar to 'On The Go' app) instead of asking employees to use a web browser and logging in with an email address and password everyday. With a phone app they can create a PIN to log in so it is quick and easy for them. My employees track their hours based on jobs they attend to each day and do not have access to a computer or logging onto a web browser on their phone. The app should allow them to record hours with or without using data and then be able to update once they can use data (eg. in a wifi environment)


"'Your Pay' phone app"

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Hi guys,   Is there an App for YourPay. When setting up an employee, the email states just to keep the email and save the link to access YourPay. Emails can sometimes be deleted so an App would be handy. Employees need something to be able to do time sheets on the fly sometimes.




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An App would really be helpful. Staff have requested this.