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Almost over MYOB essentials

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Almost over MYOB essentials

Inovices keep showing sending so I don't know if they have been sent. I have logged on and off a few time and still says sending. This happens often.


Last time I rang support they said I would be better off doing an MYOB course than ringing them as they are busy. (annoyed me I pay for this in my subscription)


Just tried doing live chat for support but it's not avaiable at the moment.


Cant do reccuring transcations.


Monthly subscription went up by over 11% 


Lots of little things annoy me about, time to look somewhere else, any suggestions?

Thats my rant for the day.



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Re: Almost over MYOB essentials

Hi @lmclem

I'm sorry to hear that you are not liking your MYOB Essentials experience.


  • In terms of sending emails from MYOB Essentials, generally, when an emailing is sent from MYOB Essentials you would select the Email button and enter the relevant email address (if not already listed). This will send a request to MYOB Essentials to onsend that email to on your behalf, due to timing and a potential backlog it may sit at sending for a period of time before moving to sent or failing. If it is showing as sending then MYOB Essentials is still attempting to send that email, if it does fail it will be listed on the invoice history to show that is the case.

  • The phone based support team are more than happy to assist with enquiries relating to MYOB Essentials, however, there may be times when your enquiry may be better suited to a looking into a training course. Not only will a training course offer you assistance with that product it may help you gain a better understanding on the product to aid in you in the future. Get going with MYOB Essentials Accounting* has more information on the Classroom course for MYOB Essentials. Personally, I would recommend anyone that is using MYOB Essentials, whether you are new or have been using it for a period of time, to take a course.

  • Live Chat support can be reached by selecting the Contact us page and selecting the How can we help option in the bottom right of the page. Due to demand the option may be unavailable, however, you are always welcome to post your enquiries on the Forum, I'm sure the MYOB Community would be happy to assist.

  • Currently, MYOB Essentials doesn't allow for the creation of the recurring transactions. If you would like to see that as a feature in future updates I would recommend showing your support for one of the most popular ideas on the MYOB Essential Idea Exchange: Recurring transactions in MYOB Essentials.

*NZ link provided. Australia link would be Get going with MYOB Essentials Accounting

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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