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Outstanding Debtor minor amounts

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Outstanding Debtor minor amounts

One of my multi currency clients has a statement issue even after updating to 2020.3.


When an invoice is paid it can leave a balance – if payments are made for multiply invoices using different exchange rates.  Often the amount is very small .01 US which converts to .44AUD. 


This amount shows in the statement window but when sent out a nil statement is sent.


It shows in the aged receivables and receivables reconciliation, but can not be cleared with an additional invoice.


How can we remove these small amounts and hence stop the sending of blank statements and clear up the reports.

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Re: Outstanding Debtor minor amounts

Hi @HelenHutch 


Depending on the statement type, a statement will be produced for any invoices that have an outstanding amount. As a result, if an invoice does have a positive balance, even if it is a cent, a statement will be produced for that.


Ideally, ensuring that the customer payment amount matches the invoice amount will reduce the balance of the invoice to be 0.00 thus no statement will be produced. However, in some cases, especially with multi-currency, exchange rates and rounding,  you may need up the 1 cent balance invoice. As such, below is the process in which you can clear that balance, so the invoice gets closed and the statement is not produced:


  1. Navigate to Sales>>Enter Sales
  2. Choose the necessary customer
  3. Enter an appropriate exchange rate (if required)
  4. Enter a negative line for that invoice of a 0.01 cent.
  5. Click Record. This will create a customer credit of 0.01 cent
  6. Navigate to Sales>>Sales Register>>Returns and Credits
  7. Highlight that negative 0.01 cent invoice
  8. Select Apply to sale
  9. Apply that credit to the outstanding invoice
  10. Select Record

The above process will close off the original outstanding invoice and the credit note. As a result of there being no invoice amount, no statement will be produced.

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