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Problems with 0-rated items in new AIM GST forms

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Problems with 0-rated items in new AIM GST forms

Hi there, I know the new AIM / Provisional GST form is new, so I'm hoping this will be fixed. When I do the other GST reports, they pull from my records as expected to correctly show my overseas (non-GST) income, and my GST and non GST expenses, and the correct profit/loss as well as GST to pay. All is well in those reports.


However, the form the the GST return I want to do 'GST & provisional tax filing' does not auto fill correctly at all, and doesn't differentiate between GST and non GST income and expenses. It does not include the non-GST expense I have (overseas services) so it's not going to give IRD a clear picture of my income as it stands which I thought was the point of AIM.


Is this a work in progress or does something need fixing, or am I just not seeing the fields I need?



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