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Casual employee - Annual Leave Calculation PLUS SEPARATE PAYROLL MODULE??

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Casual employee - Annual Leave Calculation PLUS SEPARATE PAYROLL MODULE??

Hi Guys.


We write from Australia where we use MYOB to record the transactions for our New Zealand business and wages.

Currently we have a seperate MYOB 'program' for payroll that isn't linked to our main MYOB. Our Australian one is all combined in one program. Can this be done in New Zealand? I believe so, so why do we have a seperate module for ours? Does anyone know?


Secondly. We have a casaul employee in our payroll module who is a casual however on his entitlements report we can see he is accruing as much annual leave as other full time staff. This cannot be right? How do we set up annual leave calculated at the correct casual rate? Is that 8% of wages each week? And then how do we adjust the incorrect hours balance accrued? Can anyone help please? We do not really fully understand NZ payroll methods  nor NZ MYOB!

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Re: Casual employee - Annual Leave Calculation PLUS SEPARATE PAYROLL MODULE??

Hi @Jackson11


Unlike Australia, New Zealand does have a separate payroll program called MYOB Payroll, this is not able to be incorporated into the AccountRight range - so you only have the one program. With that being said, MYOB Payroll allows for the user to integrate their MYOB Payroll into their AccountRight program so you can have the journals across to reflect the pays in your AccountRight company file. MYOB Payroll Support Note: Integrating Payroll with your accounting software would be able to assist with that process.


A casual employee in New Zealand will only receive holiday pay, which is 8% of their Gross earnings. If you are seeing that the employee is accurring annual leave it will typically mean that the employee is not set up correctly. I would recommend reviewing New Zealand Payroll Support Note: Setting up holiday pay for casual employees for more information on the recommended setup for casual employees.


Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.

Kind regards,

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Re: Casual employee - Annual Leave Calculation PLUS SEPARATE PAYROLL MODULE??

Hi @Jackson11

As @Steven_M has mentioned - NZ Payroll is separate - but has a link to MYOB AccountRight to post journals. In NZ Payroll a casual does not have hours per day and days per week set up on the leave details screen. Instead on the pay defaults screen, put in a 1 in the HP line - this will prompt the system to pay out the 8% Hol Pay each time he paid. Happy to help with queries as the legislation is quite different here in NZ than in Aus.

Jennie Kingma
JK Business Systems Ltd, Hamilton, NZ
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