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Leave query

We have an employee who started 19/02/20.

He has been basically using his leave as it accrues throughout the year.

We have a common holiday anniversary of 23/12.

He has taken 116.85 hrs up to the 23/12/12 and another 16 since.

By my calculations he accrued 135.34 hrs between 19/02/20 & 23/12/20 (44 weeks) so should have an A/L balance of 18.49 hrs. 

Now his leave is saying he is in debit the amount of hours that he has taken even though they were accrued hours.

I have attached a screenshot.

Can someone please explain this to me.

Screenshot (30)_LI.jpg
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Re: Leave query

Hi @ATL 


Looking at the screenshot you have uploaded, the Annual Leave Due as at 23/12/2020 is a negative value. This tends to indicate that prior to the annual leave rolling over the employee didn't have an Annual Leave entitlement entered. As such, when that annual leave has rolled over there has been nothing to roll through thus causing the Annual leave Due value to be the Current Leave Due value prior to the rollover. 


In terms of correcting it, the ideal way to do it would be to restore a backup prior to completing that leave rollover, updating that Annual leave entitlement and then complete that leave rollover. Alternatively, if you are confident of the values that you have calculated, updating the Annual Leave Due as at value to that amount would update the Current Leave Due value to be a positive amount.


I should also add we don't recommend having a common anniversary date so close to the shutdown period. This has been known to cause some errors with the leave in the past for some clients. A week or so before that shutdown period i.e. 15 December would be ideal as that gives you a chance to ensure that the leave has rolled correctly prior to the shutdown when it will be used.

Kind regards,

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