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MYOB restore raw payroll files (not .zip)

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MYOB restore raw payroll files (not .zip)

HI all, first post and a question, so apologies for that first up.


We are supporting a customer using MYOB ver 2015.1.


The infrastructure is virtualised and therefore they don't do a .ZIP backup at the end of the day when MYOB asks, because all the files are stored on a server and backed up using Veeam onto hard disks etc.


So we need to restore a Payroll (only) backup from Tuesday night (prior to the payroll being finalised).  I have the files in the D:\MYOB\Payroll\Payroll1 folder from Tuesday night sitting in a holding directory. If I copy them over the top, the customer says it makes no difference as the payroll still looks finalised.  The customer is not overly technical and neither of us is a MYOB expert Smiley Happy


Can anyone advise if this can be done, or do I need to ZIP the directory up for MYOB to restore it correctly?  Problem is if I compare the current directory contents to a .ZIP backup done today, they are very different, so I expect it's not a matter of just zipping all the files up....


Help! (and thanks in advance!)



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Re: MYOB restore raw payroll files (not .zip)

Hi @Support_RHEA the reason why MYOB prompts for a backup is that it records the payroll at a point in time, usually before a pay is finalised. You don't say why the payroll needs to be restored. So if no zips have been created, then you would need to restore a set of payroll files taken prior to the payroll being finalised, if possible.


The client should be taking zip backups, on to their virtual storage, and they, along with the live payroll files, should all be backed up system-wise.


I would suggest making a zip backup of the payroll as it is now, before doing anything else, so that the current files can be restored if/when the previous payroll files are no longer required.

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Re: MYOB restore raw payroll files (not .zip)

Hi there,


You did mention Virtual PC/Server and Veeam so you may have another alternative. I'll need you to answer a couple of fairly simple questions so that I can formulate an answer based on your specific circumstances.


1. Is Veem located on the same VM as Myob or on a seperate VM, or physical PC.


2. Does your client have more than one Physical Host in their environment?


For example. Here where I work we have 3 Physical Servers (Hosts), and each of these hosts have 3 Virtual Servers running on them (VMs). Our Veeam runs on a completely seperate server, outside of the Vurtualised network to allow us to cross platform restore as required, as does our vCentre Server (same physical server).


My idea is, depending on your answers, to shut down the current VM with MYOB on it, restore the VM backup prior to the event happening on a seperate Host, start that VM up and then run and backup MYOB, transfer the backup to USB, shut down the new restored VM and delete it, start up the old VM. Run Myob and restore your backup inside MYOB. Issue fixed.


It sounds like a lot but it really is quite simple. Especially with Veeam and vCenter Server from vMWare.


Let me know if you need help.





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