STP End of Financial Year

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STP End of Financial Year

For all those experiencing problems with the Gross wages and PAYG deducted in MYOB Payroll Activity Statement for the year, not matching the information in the Payroll Reporting Centre, EOFY Finalisation, the only way to fix this is to run zero payroll for the ones that don't match.

MYOB are not disclosing this glitch in the system.

I spent 3 hours on the phone yesterday to MYOB with no result being passed from prson to person. then I was cut off.

It was the forum that advised me what to do.

With over 1377 staff on the payroll, about 50% terminated, I have had to make those terminated active, then run zero payrolls for everyone to get the system to update correctly.

It is a huge task taking literally hours and hours cross checking, making past staff active, and running payrolls.

Good luck to those with this problem.


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Re: STP End of Financial Year

Yep I found out the hard way too after hours being on hold with Myob, straight away found the answer on the forums from the awesome people here Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

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