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Single Touch Payroll (STP) - Setup FAQs

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Single Touch Payroll (STP) - Setup FAQs

Hi Everyone

Setup for Single Touch Payroll reporting is done through the Payroll reporting option located in your Payroll Command Centre. This process will allow you to check your Payroll details before connecting to the ATO. Our Help Article: Set up Single Touch Payroll reporting will guide you through the process.


Below is a common list of questions we have received about the setup process:


What ATO Reporting Category should I be selecting for my particular category?

Generally speaking, the ATO Reporting Category you should be selecting for a payroll category/pay item should be the same as the one that you would have selected when preparing the payment summaries. However, if you are unsure it is recommended that you speak to your Advisor or the ATO.


I am encountering a PayrollCategory_InvalidSTPCategory error
Do take a look at Error: PayrollCategory_InvalidStpCategory for more information on this topic


How do I deal with Salary Sacrifice?

For Superannuation Salary Sacrifice:

You would ensure that the Contribution type is Salary Sacrifice (Deduction) and set the ATO Reporting Category to be Reportable Employer Super Contributions.



This is so that when the Backend Service begins grabbing the values, it knows to reduce the gross earnings when submitting to the ATO.


For Salary Sacrifice Deductions (not superannuation): 

The ATO Reporting Category for this is: Not Reportable. In order to ensure the Deduction is Pre-Tax in Payroll and the STP engine, we need to also exempt the Deduction from Tax as well. Click the Exempt button and then tick PAYG Witholding.



One common misconception is that the Calculations are now done on the backend and are not directly visible like the Payment Summaries and reducing the Gross by the Negative Salary Sacrifice amounts. Though this is now done for you before being sent to the ATO.


It is indicating that my Company Information is incorrect, but I have checked the Setup>>Company Information window?

Payroll Reporting does have its own set of Company Information. This can be seen and updated by selecting the Company Information option (top right of the Payroll Reporting window).


I’m on MYOB Essentials, I have checked my pay items have an ATO reporting category assigned but am unable to locate one?

In the Pay Items window, top right has a drop where you can filter by pay items. Ensure that shows All Pay Items and ensure that all pay items have an ATO Reporting categories. This would include ones that are no longer used


How do I obtain my Software ID and what it is it used for?
A Software ID is a unique number that is required to be passed across to the ATO to indicate that you are using your MYOB Software to comply with STP requirements. You can obtain this number by completing the Connect to ATO process in your MYOB Software.

You will need to contain the ATO (1300 85 22 32) with that particular number. Alternatively, if you do have Access Manage you may be able notify the ATO online


If you have completed the Connect to the ATO process and need to know what your Software ID is it can be found in the ATO Settings of the Payroll reporting centre.


I’ve completed the Sign up process with the incorrect user details and/or ABN?
Currently, it is not possible to update the Business contact person and their details after sign up, but we are working on updating that in the coming period.

If you have signed up using the incorrect ABN, do contact our phone-based team on 1300 555 123 to address that situation.


I’m receiving a Something went wrong at our end message?
Ensuring that the computer you are using to Check Payroll Details is connected to the Internet. If you are using the file on a server, the server would also need to have access to the Internet.


If that computer is able to access the Internet, I would ensure that you can access the following website: If you are unable to access that website, the computer is encountering browser certificate issues that you would need to be addressed to access secure sites.


When selecting Connect to ATO the resulting pop is blank?
Single Touch Payroll uses Internet Explorer on your computer and thus the resulting browser would need to be installed to set up payroll reporting. 

When selecting Connect to ATO the resulting pop up will shows a spinning circle and nothing loads?
Your Internet Explorer browser does need to be enabled to Use TLS 1.2. External site: Enabling TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 on web browsers would be able to assist with that process


I am encountering a You need an MYOB Account to continue message.

Typically, this is caused by not having the appropriate level of access for your my.MYOB account. If you are encountering this error, do ensure that you have entered the correct my.MYOB account information when prompted.  If you are still getting that error do Start a New Post on the Forum and one of the MYOB Team would be happy to investigate further.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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