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Budget for success and compare your performance through simple-to-read profit & loss reports and graphs.



Working with budgets


First, you’ll want to set some goals by creating a budget – and getting started is easy.


You can create a budget for any period length (even across multiple financial years!), and you can create as many budgets as you need.


create budget 2.png



Entering your budget is a breeze. If you’ve been using Essentials for a while, you can import your totals from last year.


You can even export to Excel, work with your budget, and import back into Essentials with ease.





New Profit & Loss reporting and graphs


But what good is a budget if you can’t compare it to your business’s performance? The new Profit & Loss report makes it easy to track your financials against your budget or last year’s actuals.





Get the data you want by choosing whether you want to compare to your budget, last year’s actuals, or both.





Now’s the fun part – choosing how you want to display your data. The tabled report makes it easy to gauge your performance at a glance – showing your variance for each period.


report variance.png



If you're looking for a more visual comparison, choose the bar graph...




Or line graph display.


use this line_graph.png


To find the data that’s right for you, make a comparison between two or more categories by clicking the + Add Item button.





To dig deeper into your graphs, hover over your bars or line points to see the dollar values for each category.





What does "Beta" mean?


Any feature that has a Beta tag simply means we’ll continue building upon and improving your experience, based on your feedback. So let us know what you like and dislike by clicking "Let us know" at the top of your budget and Profit & Loss Beta pages.