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Get paid faster with PayDirect Online

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Spend less time chasing payments and more time growing your business by giving your customers an easier way to pay.


PayDirect Online makes collecting your invoice payments a breeze by allowing your customers to pay straight from their online invoice using Visa or MasterCard.


To start using PayDirect Online, head to the Payment options tab on the Invoice and quote settings page, and click Set up online payment options.


set up online payment options.png


You’ll instantly be taken to the PayDirect Online Merchant Portal - your one-stop-shop for setting up, editing and deactivating your PayDirect Online payment options. Simply click Start collecting payments to get sign up!


merchant portal.png


Once you’re setup and verified to use PayDirect Online, a green Pay now button will appear at the top of your emailed online invoices.


pay now.png


From any device, your customers can click the button, enter their payment information, and pay the money straight into your bank account. It’s that easy!

Still want to send a PDF copy of your invoice? Don’t worry, you can toggle PayDirect Online on or off for each invoice.




PayDirect Online not only helps you get paid faster, but also lessens the amount of bookkeeping that’s required to record and reconcile your payments.

Full integration with online invoicing and MYOB Essentials accounting means that your bank accounts are automatically updated with online payments, and your paid invoices closed off - so you can spend less time balancing your books, and more time growing your business.