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Getting started with MYOB Essentials

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When you start using new software, it’s nice to have a helping hand with how to get started, and what to do on certain pages. With this in mind, MYOB Essentials has in product help and tips to get you from beginner to expert in no time.


How’s it work?        

When you first open MYOB Essentials, the welcome window slides out (that’s the one with the lightbulb on it). If it doesn’t, just click the lightbulb to open the window.


welcome wagon.png 


These windows have videos, help and handy hints to give you an overview of the area you’re in. Move between the videos and hints by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the window. When you’re done, click the lightbulb to slide the window back out of the way and get down to actually working with MYOB Essentials.




I’d like more detailed information

Each of the windows has a Read more link that takes you to a relevant help page. The help has detailed information about all areas of MYOB Essentials.


Oh nuts, I closed the welcome window and now I want it back!

You can get the window back anytime you want by selecting Getting Started from the help menu.




At the moment not every section of MYOB Essentials has a welcome window.


I love it! You know what I’d love more of though?

Actually, no – we don’t, but we’re keen to hear what you think of the in-product help. If you’re getting started, we’d love to hear what would really help you, and what areas of MYOB Essentials you’d like more help.


Drop us a line in the comments below if you’ve got feedback for us.