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Invoice and quote layouts

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Whether you sell items or invoice customers for services you provide, you can now choose the invoice and quote layout that best suits your business.


So stay with the existing Items and services layout if you want to continue to enter items, hours and quantities on your invoices.




Or choose the new Services layout if you want a cleaner invoice where you can simply add whatever information you like to the Description field, and banish the item column forever.





Choosing your layout


On the Invoice and quote settings page, the new Layout type tab allows you to choose your preferred layout and see a preview of what your invoices and quotes will look like. If you're not sure which layout to choose, there's some extra info on the page to help you decide.





Whatever you choose will be used for all your invoices and quotes until you change it. You won't be able to change the layout while you're entering an invoice or quote, so it's a good idea to remember where you made this selection.






Thanks to everyone for the feedback and to those who completed our UX designers survey about the new layout. Let us know what you think of it.