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Pay items transactions report: 4 reasons this report will open your eyes

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Normally a report doesn’t have the ability to open your eyes and rock your world, but here’s the 4 reasons this report might just do that.


1. It can keep your business healthy.

At their core, pay items are business expenses. Expenses can have a negative impact on your cash flow if you don’t keep an eye on where these expenses come from. With this report you can see how much you are spending on a pay item (overtime, for an example). Paying too much on this? Time to set up a budget to try and control this spending. You didn’t even have to eat any kale.


2. It will give you a more accurate set of figures.

Gone are the days of manual calculation where you’d print payslips, get the calculator out, and add up specific pay items manually. Now you just need to click a few buttons, pick a date range, and generate!


3. It will save you time.

It takes 4 clicks to generate this report. Reports > All reports > Pay item transactions > Generate report. Done.


4. It shows we care.

This report has been one of the most requested features of Essentials for a long time. Finally, here it is!


So, go on and give it a try today!